Antimicrobial additive for


Add NanoEL RA to get the superb antimicrobial effect for leather, textile, and non-woven fabric processing.


No need for extra steps for antimicrobial coating

NanoEL AB RA is an easy dispersive additive, so that is mixed with a present coating agent.

Price competitive

Price competitive NanoEL AB RA can give an antimicrobial effect with a very small dosage and offer competitive prices for manufacturing.

Keep the original texture, color, and touch

Keep the original texture, color, and touch NanoEL AB RA is 100% transparent & ultra-thin layer(100nm) so that it keeps the texture and color of the original leather and fabric.

Multiple uses

NanoEL AB RA can apply not only topcoats but also layer-coats on the leather process, with the same effect.

AN IDEAL COATING for the filter, diaper, and medical non-woven

NanoEL AB RA shows a very good antimicrobial effect on the non-woven fabric without skin irritation or harmful substances.

Official efficacy tested


All type of Leather and fabric (woven, non-woven)

Leather furniture

Car interior

Public transport

Leather furniture



Medical equipment


Trading information

Package20L jelly can
RegistrationEPA approved (US)
Leadtime2 weeks (Manufacture by order)