Take the Money Not the Virus! (Bank)

Aug 18, 2020 | What's up

Combating Covid-19 Crisis – Action in South Korea

Take the Money Not the Virus!

A Korean bank fights against the coronavirus with the new state-of-the-art antivirus technology.

In late February 2020, South Korea was destined to be the country with the largest COVID-19 infections outside of China. This was shocking news to the world.

I noticed that the South Korean government reacted very quickly and effectively to the coronavirus emergency.  The real credit for this remarkable success in battling the coronavirus goes to the people of Korea for their sensible and responsible behavior.

The private sector in South Korea has taken the lead in combating the viruses. They were actively involved in minimizing the survival rate of viruses in their work environment by using a variety of new technology products.

Without further hesitation or delay, the KhaiEL team in  Korea put their antivirus mission into immediate action on the 2nd  of March 2020 at Pyungchon branch of The Industrial Bank of Korea.

This is the first bank in the world in which a waterborne antivirus coating has been applied in obtaining a minimum one-year antimicrobial protection effect within all the bank facilities.

The novel coronavirus can spread through the air as well as attaching itself to surfaces, such as plastic, glass, and stainless steel, on which the virus can live for up to three days.

The door handle of the Bank’s front door is considered as being a frequently contacted surface by the public. Therefore they were the first items to be coated with NanoEL AB and thus create a one-year antimicrobial barrier effect.

Undeniable the ATM machines have been touched by hundreds of people on a daily basis. Therefore, ATM’s are a highly infectious medium for coronavirus transmission.

The NanoEL AB coating process is extremely simple and direct. The first step is basic cleaning and then coating with the primer. The second step is the final coating with the antivirus layer.

Any hard surface can be coated with NanoEL AB, e.g. tabletops, remote controllers, keyboards, monitors, wires, office phones, stationery, etc.

NanoEL AB has proven its ability to eliminate the coronavirus and H1N1 effectively by a professional laboratory Eurovir Hygiene-Labor in Luckenwalde, Germany. Our action of kindness and goodwill in providing this coating service has assisted IBK bank in creating and maintaining a safe environment, free from the harmful threat of Covid-19.

“As an enterprise that serves the public, our bank must take care of the public interest and ensure that our premises are free from viruses. Our customers come here for financial reasons and not to bring back or transmit the viruses to others.”  The banker said, “We foresee that this virus is not just a short-term crisis, it will co-exist with humans in the long-term also. Therefore long-term prevention is an effective and responsible decision, by the bank, in the public interest”

During the virus crisis, Koreans have shown their unity and patriotic spirit in fully cooperating with the government’s anti-pandemic measures. There is no doubt that Korea has effectively flattened the infection curve in a very short period. South Korea is a world leader and a great example to the world in fighting the Covid-19 threat.

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